How to collect and win?


How to collect Top Bop poker chips?

-Entree must be purchased to receive chips.
-Chips are limited in each locations and time of the week. 

How to win?

-Like the post, share the post, collect the chips, upload picture of all your chips on Instagram or Facebook with hashtag #aktopbop. 

-we will review your picture and ask for verification 

-we will review your Liked & Shared post

-when all requirement are met, we will contact you for the announcement.   

Choose between 2 options

Hawaii Winning Option

-Winner will receive 2 tickets to Hawaii

-2 tickets must be same trip.

-Flights schedule has to be minimum 3 weeks after winning date.

Free Top Bop for a year Winning Option

-limited 2 bowls per week for a year (52 weeks) valued at over $1,000

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